Unlocking South Korea’s F&B market with local experts

With 60% of its food being imported, South Korea is an attractive market for global food and beverage businesses who are seeking growth opportunity in Asia.

Korea is a very fast-growing country with trends emerging and changing quickly. International companies cannot just apply the business model in their countries to the Korean market or else they will fail eventually, which was the case for many leading international companies.

Jong Tak Park - Country Manager, Business Development

Projects for the South Korean market

Familiarizing international companies with the Japanese spirits and craft beer distribution system from a practitioner's point of view. The webinar shed light on the whole distribution landscape including partnership, localization, and cultural challenges.
Increasing brand awareness for an Australian avocado company in Japan utilizing social channels and influencer marketing. Detailed timelines and execution strategies were delivered with high satisfaction.
Building a new portfolio extension in Japan. The 3 key priorities were to find new distribution partners, product development and adaptation, and product launch.

Our Experts For The South Korean Market

Choyoun Lee

Account Management
Market: South Korea | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan

Cho Youn devised a sourcing strategy and consolidation plan for over 200 suppliers in health, personal care, and beauty.

Previously at
: Walgreens Boots Alliance

Jong Tak Park

Country Manager
Business Developement
Market: APAC | South Korea

Jong Tak has been an experienced businessman for over 28 years. He successfully established a profession in the field of sales management.

Previously at: Nestle

So Hee Park

Business Development
Market: South Korea

So Hee studied food and nutrition as well as hospitality management. As a restaurant operations and food safety specialist, she has worked at multiple F&B brands.

Previously at: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

Shim Kwangseob

Foodservice Operations
Market: South Korea

Pioneering the future of F&B in Korea, he specializes in menu innovation, operational & HR structures, P&L analysis, and consultation services.

Previously at: Tokki Soju Korea Inc.

Jimmy Sohn

Market Research
Business Development
Market: South Korea

Jimmy is a seasoned sales & marketing expert, specializing in creating and implementing high-performance sales & marketing for 28 years.

Previously at:
BNB Food System

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