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Unique Characteristics
Emerging markets with improving infrastructure
Largest population
Home to half the world’s population
Strong food culture
Strong regional food cultures influencing flavor and dish innovation around the world 
Young consumer base
Young, aspirational, and connected population, with increasing disposable income and keen to experiment with new foods
Challenges of Asia
Multiple languages, not just across countries but also within
Complex and developing retail landscape that can be fragmented and difficult to navigate
Competitive local food and beverage industries, for both retail and food service
The GourmetPro Difference
Discover the Flavor of Opportunity
Much of Asia is opening up to the world and the region has proven to be as exciting a destination as complicated for food and drink brands. Whether you’re a manufacturer, importer, distributor, or in food service, Asia is the place to be right now. However, navigating the intricacies of the local food and beverage markets in Asia can be complex, time-consuming, and frustrating.
Savor Success with GourmetPro Experts
Experience and local expertise are invaluable in these situations. That's where our GourmetPro Collective of experts comes in. Each of our local experts has decades of experience spanning every aspect of the food and beverage industry, just to help you craft an effective growth strategy for market entry, expansion, or innovation in each step of your journey.

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