Unlocking Hong Kong's F&B market with local experts

With a 2022 estimated value of HKD 789.9 billion, Hong Kong's F&B sector is an attractive expansion destination for international companies. Yet, market entry into Hong Kong can present challenges such as high rental costs or the need to meet stringent food safety regulations.

Projects for the Singapore market

Familiarizing international companies with the Japanese spirits and craft beer distribution system from a practitioner's point of view. The webinar shed light on the whole distribution landscape including partnership, localization, and cultural challenges.
Increasing brand awareness for an Australian avocado company in Japan utilizing social channels and influencer marketing. Detailed timelines and execution strategies were delivered with high satisfaction.
Building a new portfolio extension in Japan. The 3 key priorities were to find new distribution partners, product development and adaptation, and product launch.

Our F&B Experts For The Hong Kong Market

Joe Milner

Country Manager
Business Development
Market: Hong Kong

Joe is a dedicated professional who excels in the Wine & Spirits industry with 20 years of experience. He is in charge of more than 300 new brands and market launches in APAC.

Previously at: Constellation Brands

Denise Kwok

Trade Marketing
Market: Hong Kong

With more than 15 years of experience in Asia and the US working with startups and MNCs, her expertise includes brand building, go-to-market strategy and venture development.

Previously at: Impossible Foods

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