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GourmetPro is a one-stop-shop platform for global food and beverage market entry.

Our expert network is carefully vetted, highly experienced and fully supported by GourmetPro's core team.

In addition, we offer comprehensive fixed price support packages to help get your project done efficiently.

Contact us and let us know what you need. We will help shape your project and will connect you with the best industry experts that exactly match your challenges.
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  • Looking to launch your products on market abroad?
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Charles Durand Portrait

Charles Durand


During his journey as CEO Japan and APAC Director for the Sopexa Group agency, he has developed an extensive expertise of the Japanese market for wine & spirits, fruits, dairy products and meat.

Previously at: Sopexa

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We will introduce you to the right experts to help you tackle your business challenges
Once we've got to the heart of your project, we'll handpick a relevant, trusted consultant to meet your brief and join your team.

Our network is fully supported by our core-team. We ensure you only work with the very best in their field.

You won't have to figure out how to find the best talent!
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We come up with a clear plan of action to best help you achieve your goals with maximum efficiency.
We map out the entire project with a comprehensive timeline, scope of work, and anticipated budget covering both estimated billable hours and support packages.

You work with our consultant for a set hourly rate and monthly budget—no recruiting fee and no termination cost to worry about.

You select the support packages that perfectly fits your project's needs and pay the deliverables. No hidden fee!
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As soon as you sign off our recommended talent and proposed support packages, we get started on your project.
You can monitor in realtime how your budget is spent and have access to your deliverables through our system. You are in direct contact with your consultant and can reach out anytime.

Our core-team supports your experts, keeps you up-to-date and brings the information you need to make better decisions.