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Hi, I’m Sruthi. Your go-to F&B Expert specializing in sensory evaluation and alt. protein.
Sruthi Sadanand
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How I Work

Sruthi is an experienced food tech professional with expertise in sensory evaluation, product and process development in cultivated meat and plant-based meat, encapsulation of flavor molecules, clean-label ingredients, and building go-to-market and product strategies. She worked as Product Manager at Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd as a team lead in the Food Tech department for over 3.5 years, where she was responsible for process and product development, established collaborations & partnerships with key strategic companies along with establishing product pricing & positioning in the market. With her prior experience from IFF, she had established a sensory matrix specific to the company's seafood product throughout the process flow.

In her current role as Chief Product Strategist and Consultant at Altruistic Innovations Pte. Ltd., Singapore, she supports food tech startups for process and product flow, performs tech due diligence for investors and accelerators, and serves as an educational consultant for universities and polytechnics on alternative protein space.

In her initial years at Shiok, she served as a Program Manager providing executive and managerial support to the CEO and CTO, actively led projects related to food product development, performed market research studies in food science and flavor space, and monitored the progress of programs. Before this, Sruthi worked as a Food Tech Intern at Zimplistic Inventions, Rotimatic, and as an R&D Technical Intern at International Flavors & Fragrances, India where she assisted the Principal Flavorist.

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Altruistic Innovations

Chief Product Strategist ・ Singapore 2022 - Present

  • Global networker and consultant in Alternative Protein space to Support Food Tech startups for Process and Product flow
  • Support investors/accelerators for performing tech due diligence
  • Educational consultant for universities and polytechnics on Alt. Protein space.

Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd.

Product Manager ・ Singapore 2020 - 2022

  • Led the Food tech team for process and product development ; supervised food technologists, food science & tech interns; worked closely on the food research progress to ensure that the products at every stage of the project meet brand and customer expectations.
  • Lead the team for the development of new products, management of critical path from ideation stage through to concept approval and to launch the product.
  • Successfully established strategic collaboration & partnership with different companies; developed product pricing and positioning strategies for market launch based on the market requirement and consumer acceptance.

Program Manager・ Singapore 2019 - 2020

  • Provided executive and managerial support to the CEO and CTO.
  • Actively led projects related to food product development and assisted in drafting flavour patents.
  • Performed market research studies in food science and flavour space on the new trends and consumer; liaised with various vendors for the purchase of food ingredients w.r.t to new product development
  • Interacted with customers and clients to identify business needs and requirements.

Zimplistic Inventions, Rotimatic, Singapore

Food Tech Intern・ Singapore 2018 - 2019

  • Key personnel involved in the development of tortilla models for Rotimatic machines by understanding the different parameters such a heat transfer coefficient, etc.
  • Involved with the engineering team to understand the relation of thermal conductivity coefficient in developing the next generation Rotimatic.

Infinite Innovations Pte. Ltd.

CEO, Co-Founder (Self Employed)・ Singapore 2017 - 2019

  • Build productive relationships with industry partners and competitors to support strategic business objectives.
  • Managed partnerships and strategic business relationships by negotiating contract terms and handling conflicts.
  • Identified and capitalized on short- and long-term revenue generation opportunities to maximize bottom-line profitability.

International Flavors & Fragrances

RnD Technical Intern・ India 2014 - 2015

  • Assisted in Flavour blending, sensory evaluation of Flavour Raw materials, and flavor blends.
  • Assisted Principle flavorist in various RnD projects by understanding the customer requirement, pricing, and consumer acceptance.
  • Assisted and liaised with the customers for their needs on flavor requirements; performed quality control of flavors (both sensory and analytical).
  • Underwent hands-on training in flavor creation & application and sensory evaluation training of raw materials used in flavor creation.