Shim Kwangseob
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Siotem F&B

Company 1 description

Founder & CEO・ Daejeon, South Korea 2022 - Present

  • F&B consultancy based in Korea. Specializing in Menu Innovation,
  • Operational & HR structures, P&L analysis, and Consultation of Regulations related to F&B

Hotel Ambiance

Executive Advisor ・ Busan, South Korea 2022 - Present

  • leading a large scale of food court launch and operational structures as simulating profit and revenue, concept development, engineering a menu, quality assurance, management recruitment

Tokki Soju Korea Inc.

COO, Operation Director・ Seoul, South Korea 2019 - 2022

  • Head Quater of Tokki Soju.
  • Leading the operation of the entire departments, production, sales, quantitative analysis, forecasting, finance, HR, and cocktail bar
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