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Simmering Copenhagen Aps

Partner & Co-Founder・ Denmark Aug 2021 - Present

  • Partner & Co-Founder of Simmering Copenhagen Aps, a Copenhagen based consultancy, focused on helping great people make great products for passionate consumers. Through a unique and well-established personal business network in the food industry, we actively advise, strengthen and protect founders and management teams of companies delivering great taste in order to grow and fully unleash the potential of their business. We not only share good advice and experience, we execute together when the need is there.

pH value Aps

Board Member・ Denmark Apr 2021 - Present

  • Consulting on SALES - MARKETING - BRAND BUILDING - STRATEGY - MARKET EXPANSION within the gourmet food and design industries mainly from Scandinavia and outward or international organizations interested in entering the Scandinavian markets.

Zero Foodprint

Founder | Independent Strategic Consultant | Professional Advisory & Board Member・ Denmark Feb 2019 - Present

  • Zero Foodprint (ZFP) food businesses and their customers help farmers turn bad carbon into good carbon. Carbon farming (also called regenerative farming) restores soil biology, which naturally pulls tons of carbon (literally) out of the atmosphere, brings soil back to life, and replenishes nutrients. ZFP restaurants and other food businesses add a few cents per meal to help farmers implement carbon farming projects through grants from our Restore programs.


Advisory Board Member・ Copenhagen Jun 2018 - Present

  • Zero Foodprint (ZFP) food businesses and their customers help farmers turn bad carbon into good carbon.The word remote might have been invented to describe the Westfjords of Iceland. After finishing my studies I wanted to create something that honored and built upon traditional Icelandic food methods in a sustainable way. In 2011, Reykjanes in the Westfjords attracted me exactly for those particular reasons - its remoteness, natural resources and history of salt making. The Danish king established salt production in the 18th century using geothermal energy to produce salt. The production stopped a few decades later and the tradition of saltmaking in Iceland came to an end. But the tradition was not lost forever - in 2011 Saltverk was founded and reestablished salt making in Iceland. Making sustainable, hand harvested products of high quality is the passion that has guided us along the way. Today, Saltverk salt is used in many of the best restaurants and in the homes of food enthusiasts around the world.

Amass Restaurant

Board Member・ Copenhagen Mar 2020 - Nov 2022

  • What comes out of this way of thinking and working drives our creativity and fosters our culture. But instead of a quest for the perfect piece of fish or perfectly shaped carrot, it’s what we can do with dried walnut pulp or the miso we make out of lemon skins. The so-called “by-products” that we produce are what drives our creativity. And because of this, we have been able to reduce our rubbish by 75%. But sustainability is more than the physical action of separating your plastic and glass, it’s a frame of mind. It’s created more camaraderie at the restaurant and has become so engrained into our culture at Amass, that we can’t imagine any other way of working. We realised there had to be more of a legacy than some signature dishes or some rating on a list. So we started on this unfamiliar journey where flavour and deliciousness still rule but we cook in a more responsible way and hopefully lay a path for our industry to have a better future.