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a CPG development firm: specializing in product development, commercialization, and supply chain for food + beverage brands

Commercialization and R&D Consultant・ 2023-Present

Rapid CPG

a company which partners with the leaders in CPG food and beverage brands to win back margin, scale operations efficiently, and innovate

Founder/Specialty Brand Partner・ USA YYYY-YYY

Ways he can help growing brands:

  • Bringing Novel Culinary approaches to Product Development
  • Improving Cost and Efficiency within your plant
  • Helping brands attract and select great partners as contract manufacturers
  • Assisting Contract Manufacturers in developing smoother, project-based onboarding of new clients and smoother customer relationship management
  • Developing new systems and processes
  • Increasing team morale and decreasing turnover by making processes easier, safer, more repeatable, and more enjoyable.

Revive Drinks

Director of Innovation, Brewmaster・USA 2015-Present

  • Successfully reformulated the company's entire product line and executed a pivot to co-manufacturing, resulting in improved production efficiency, quality control, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Served as the Co-Manufacturing Coordinator and on-site representative, managing communication and coordination between the company and its co-manufacturers to ensure timely and high-quality production.
  • Identified opportunities to improve product cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) and margins, implemented process improvements, and worked cross-functionally to drive profitability and financial success.
  • Successfully led the design and build of a 30,000 sq/ft brewery, resulting in a phase 1 unit capacity increase of 192% and 222% in labor efficiency. Subsequently, achieved a phase 2 unit capacity increase of 287% and 360% increase in labor efficiency.
  • Pivoted the company's production to shelf-stable packaging in response to market conditions, leading the custom design and commissioning of a proprietary clean fill canning line and purpose-built thermal process equipment for producing the kombucha industry's first shelf-stable probiotic beverage (10 skus). Achieved full revenue replacement over three years.
  • Co-developed a method of ingredient and product chemical analysis via Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry to enhance natural flavor profiles, reducing or eliminating the need for certain ingredients and increasing margin and shelf life performance while maintaining craft product perception without craft cost.
  • Chaired a special cross-company team with KDP to develop more "craft-like" flavor profiles for high-speed CSD lines and explore white space opportunities identified by KDP's internal branding agency.
  • Developed 22 SKUs over 10 years, achieving a 30% year-over-year increase in incremental sales.

Manufacturing Team Lead・ USA 2014-2015

Managed day to day packaging and production planning and managed brewing and sanitation operations.

Manufacturing Operator・ USA 2013-2014

StrongArm Firm

Product Developer: Honkey Donkey Hot Sauce・ USA 2010-2013

Researched and developed processes for fermentation focusing on flavor profile in enhancement utilizing on optimal particle size, precision fermentation and curated bacteria cultures to produce an approachable shelf stable hot sauce condiment using some of the hottest, most flavorful chilis on the planet.

Event Chef and Coordinator・ USA 2010-2013

Coordinate events for up to 300 people and developed experiential/interactive food and beverage experiences for guest.

Fermentation Specialist (Booze Nome)・ USA 2010-2013

Seasonal Production of Beer, Cider as well as fermented and preserved meats and vegetables.

Farm Hand・ USA 2010-2013

  • Accomplishment

The Backyard Restaurant

Sous Chef, Lead Line Cook, Garde Manger・ 2011-2013

Responsible for the collaboration, development, testing and execution of a nightly changing menu utilizing local ingredients (30 miles) consisting of livestock, seafood, and land dwelling and aquatic plants a vegetables.

Focus Areas/Processes

  • Fermentation (Vegetables, Vinegars)
  • Butchery
  • Bulk Preservation techniques

Martinelli Winery & Vineyards

Harvest Intern/Cellar Rat・ USA Aug 2012-Oct 2012

Responsible for daily receiving and processing of incoming fruit. Fermentation Maintenance (racking, pump overs, facilitating lab ordered sampling) Barrel maintenance and sanitation. Equipment sanitation (tanks, pumps, press equipment) Blending equipment setup.

Gustavson Winery and Estate

Harvest Intern/Cellar Rat・ USA Aug 2011-Oct 2011

Operator: De-stemmer, Basket press, Punchdowns, Racking, Additions fruit sampling.

Responsible for daily receiving and processing of incoming fruit. Fermentation Maintenance (racking, pump overs, facilitating lab ordered sampling) Barrel maintenance and sanitation. Equipment sanitation (tanks, pumps, press equipment) Blending equipment setup.

Cyrus Restaurant

Comis, Garde Manger・ USA 2010-2011

The Fat Canary

Pastry Chef, Line Cook, Garde Manger・ USA 2008-2010

Responsible for the development, testing, and daily execution of pastry and desert menu offerings as well as custom desert experiences for special events.