Mathilde Do Chi
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Vegan Food Law

Company 1 description

CEO/ Principal consultant ・ France 2022 - Present

  • Food law and regulatory assessment for existing and newly developed alternative protein, plant-based and vegan products
  • Private label support (which certification suits best your product(s), communication with the certification bodies)
  • Food law training regarding alternative proteins for both the EU and Canadian markets
  • Vegan claim assessment (checking of the raw materials, addressing cross-contamination, claims, alternatives to animal testings, writing code of practice, training on vegan product management)
  • Vegan distribution (documents needed, best certification bodies considering the targeted markets)
  • Novel food assessment and application for the EU and Canadian market

BeVeg Vegan Certification

Chief Compliance Officer ・ Miami 2022 - Present

  • Vegan advocacy
  • Vegan quality
  • Consumer protection
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