Hi, I’m Jocelyn! Your go-to F&B professional specializing in the culinary field.
Jocelyn Deumie
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How I Work

With over 13 years of professional experience in Japan, Jocelyn serves dual roles as both the Executive Chef and the Asia General Director for Rougié. Specializing in crafting high-impact product demonstrations and presentations, he spearheads marketing communications to bolster sales across Asia and Japan.

For more than half a decade, Jocelyn has been a pivotal force in shaping Rougié's brand and sales strategies for various markets in Asia, including but not limited to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Leveraging his culinary expertise, he creates engaging demonstrations and offers in-depth product explanations to effectively promote the Rougié brand. Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Jocelyn is deeply embedded in the culinary community. His extensive network and strong relationships with chefs across Japan and Asia underscore his influence in the "Chefs world."

Notably, Jocelyn served as the Japan team coach for the prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition from 2016 to 2021. His commitment to professional development is evident in his continual acquisition of new techniques and materials used by leading chefs.

Jocelyn's multifaceted roles and enduring commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to Rougié and the broader culinary landscape

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Rougie Japan

Asia Area Director・ 2018-present

Corporate Chef Japan and Asia ・ 2014 - present

Culinary Advisor ・ 2011 - 2014

Bocuse d'Or Japan

Coach ・ 2016-2021


Head Chef ・ Oslo, 2008-2010