Jan Vidal Riera
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Rebel Brands

Foodtech Consultant・ Europe 2021-Present

  • Helping relevant foodtech companies to redefine their portfolio according to consumer/customer insights, scale industrially and develop their route-to-maket internationally.
  • Developed brands such as Current Foods, Libre Foods, Väcka, Good Moon, Ferrer within Europe.

Idilia Foods

Innovation & Marketing Manager – Plant Based division ・ Colacao, Nocilla, Sorribas-Biográ 2018-2021

  • Renewed the bio multi-basket products with a co-manufacturer and led innovation teams to internally develop a differential plant-based portfolio. As a result, product fit improved, strengthening our brands, and allowing entrance in new markets. The plant-based portfolio started a double-digit growth rally.

Nutrition & Sante S.A.S.

Plant Based Business Manager ・Bicentury, Gerblé, Isostar 2016-2018

  • Relaunched Gerblé to become the plantbased brand, allowing to invest communication and trade marketing activities in growing segments. The brand got wider, increasing its assortments, weighted distribution, and revenues.


Strategic Manager – Foodtech division ・2013-2016

  • Led commercial and R&D teams to differentiate the portfolio and unify packaging architecture. Also worked with the Board to update industrial and commercial models.
  • Created a global identity in the market, becoming the Spanish champion in foodtech, with a market share increase of 10pt.

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