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Hi, I am Denis Boursier, your sparring partner in turning your ambition and projects into reality.
Denis Boursier
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How I Work

With a career spanning 30 years, Denis’ trajectory in the food and beverage industry is defined by a persistent dedication to performance excellence and organizational transformation. Having operated at the strategic apex of several prominent companies, his expertise lies in driving sustainable development and pioneering innovative business practices. The result of his efforts has consistently been customer-centric growth, market expansion, and the successful introduction of brands into competitive landscapes.

Denis brings to the table a wealth of experience in strategic planning, marketing innovation, and business development, with a proven track record of steering companies towards greater profitability and market presence. On several occasions he was in charge of setting up local or regional sales & marketing operations (Paris, Hong-Kong & New York). His professional story is one of relentless pursuit of growth, strategic foresight, and the successful execution of complex transformations within the dynamic food and beverage sector.

Outside his consultancy work, Denis enjoys flying as a private pilot, activity which just as much requires detailed planning, careful execution, and permanent adjustment to the environment.

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Denis Boursier Conseil

Marketing and business development consultancy

Founding Director ・ France 2023-Present


BtoB fruit products

Business Development Director ・ France 2022-2023

Member of the Strategic Committee

  • In charge of sales (excluding Asia), marketing and customer service
  • Update the brand platform, finalize the specifications and implement the Salesforce CRM module, recommend a pricing strategy overhaul


Marketer of fresh fruits & vegetables

Managing Director ・ France 2021-2022

  • Sales & marketing structure backed by private or cooperative production organizations which extend from Valence (Drôme) to Perpignan (Pyrénées Orientales)
  • Redefine a strategic framework, change the information system, implement processes, indicators and management tools, reorganize the team, etc.

BOIRON FRERES SAS (Les vergers Boiron)

BtoB fruit products

Business Development Director ・ France 2017-2020

CEO of the US subsidiary

Member of the Executive Committee. Team of 45 people

  • Responsible for the consolidated P&L of the 3 Business Units In charge of BUs, marketing and customer service

Strengthen the agility, relevance and efficiency of the company in its value creation strategy

  • Definition and implementation of a “Think GLObal, act loCAL” approach, structuring into Business Units
  • Carrying out a stress test with the board
  • Redesign of sales and sales administration processes
  • Plan for launching a diversification product range


  • Turnover: +16% over the 2017-2019 period
  • Establishment of a representative office in Hong Kong, opening of a commercial subsidiary in New York (turnover +15% in the first year), reorganization of customer service, implementation of a brand and communication guide , global launch of new packaging on the main range, management of a product recall

Sales & Marketing Director・ France 2009-2016

Responsible for sales (turnover and contribution), marketing and customer service

Member of the Executive Committee. Team of 35 people

Create and bring together the conditions for profitable and sustainable growth

  • Complete reorganization of the commercial function
  • Implementation of a structured innovation approach
  • Integration of digital into the marketing strategy


  • Turnover: +100% over the period, sales in 80 countries
  • Transition from a binary commercial approach (France / rest of the world) to a division into 4 geographical zones, overhaul of the pricing policy, launch of 2 new ranges, implementation of a digital ecosystem

Marketing Director・ France 2005-2009

Member of the Executive Committee. Job creation

As part of a change in company governance, creation of the marketing department in order to integrate strategic marketing and strengthen existing practices Results:

  • Setting up a team of 3 people, segmentation and development of the product offering, definition and expansion of marketing targets, new visual identity of the brand


BtoC confectionery: Werther's Original, Campino

Marketing Manager / Subsidiary Manager・ France 2001-2004

Responsible for the creation and management of a marketing subsidiary in France intended to develop in-depth knowledge of the market, launch the group's international brands and products, optimize the resources implemented


  • Creation of a team of 4 people, change in distributors, product launches in 2002 and 2004, review of the media strategy, realization of the group's first simulated test market


BtoC and BtoB Household and Body Care products

from Product Manager to Group Manager ・ France 1995-2001