August 31, 2021
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As GourmetPro enters its second year of business, we got content rolling, a bigger team. We are excited to announce the launch of Market Shake, our email newsletter dedicated to food and beverage market insights.

Our core team works hard to bring actionable market insights to our clients and to support our consultants with ground research. We decided to curate and share our findings to inspire you with new ideas that could benefit your business.

With Market Shake, you stay on top of the food and beverage emerging trends in Japan and abroad.

Market Shake
Our first cycle is on the plant-based meat revolution that is taking over the world.

What does your weekly shake include?

A shot of genuine content on the food and beverage industry trends, focusing on Japan. We sift through data and filter out what matters. Our team reaches out to consumers and hits the stores to find out what’s working, what’s not, and what we can learn from current trends. We also sit down with industry professionals and reach out to businesses to get their perspectives.

We tackle a specific topic every month or so, and we chose a weekly schedule:

Because trends and market information are fluid and can evolve pretty quickly, Market Shake is flexible, too! If we feel relevant to expand beyond our set four weeks, we will bring additional awesome content.

Get your easy-to-digest market report shake now!

We will share our knowledge on our social media channels and here on our blog. But we’re planning to provide some extras exclusive to the newsletter subscribers. We will also welcome any feedback and seek to improve with each issue, ensuring we stay relevant and don’t contribute to the noise!

Read Market Shake every week!

Market Shake

Recently, in Market Shake...

Market Shake
The Plant-Based Industry Needs Courage
A powerful interview with Miguel Serrano, Former EMENA General Manager at Nestlé.

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