August 31, 2023
August 31, 2023
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2023’s Most Unmissable Event For F&B Execs: Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia

Don't miss the Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023, the premier event for F&B executives. Witness cutting-edge technologies, tap into industry knowledge, network with experts, and explore unmissable trends in the agri-food tech industry. Register now! #AgriFoodTechExpoAsia2023

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The global food and beverage industry is in the midst of a technological revolution to catch up with the world’s future food needs. As the industry races to transform itself, new tech, products, and ideas are born almost daily. Keeping track of it all is a full-time job in itself.

Industry news and media like Market Shake do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by giving you a weekly summary of all the latest trends and announcements. But if you’re a professional that wants to get stuck in and see the whole, detailed picture of the agri-food tech industry and where it’s heading next, then Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA) is a truly unmissable event.

What is Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023?

Image of Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia poster
Everything you need to know to seize opportunities in the agri-food tech industry!

Hosted at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, AFTEA 2023 is Asia's premier platform focused on showcasing innovations in agri-food technology. Set to run from 31st October to 2nd November, it's where industry leaders converge to share, learn, and build the future of sustainable food. If you want to ensure you have the latest, fully-comprehensive understanding of agri-food tech innovation, there is no better event in APAC.

Over the course of three days, you will have the opportunity to meet companies that are building the next generation of agri-food tech. You will be able to attend panel discussions and hear their insights about the future. You will also have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with attendees and exhibitors at the event, and of course sample and interact with their products.

All the major players in the agri-food space attend AFTEA, making this THE destination to strike deals and build lasting partnerships. Based in Singapore, the gateway to APAC, AFTEA is also a platform for visitors and exhibitors to gain access to the region’s agri-food and food tech industries which are set to become the most significant in the world within the decade. In short, AFTEA isn’t just an opportunity to see the future, it’s an opportunity to secure your business’s place within it.

Why Should You Attend AFTEA 2023?

#1 Witness the cutting-edge of Agri-Food Tech

This is where the future unfolds. With over 300 exhibitors from 35 countries, you'll see firsthand the latest technologies shaping the F&B landscape.

Two signature showcases will enable you to exclusively experience the next stage in food’s evolution. The first is the Living Lab Tech Showcase which showcases research, prototyping, and commercialization solutions for the future of a sustainable food system for the Asia Pacific. The Culinary Showcase offers attendees the opportunity to sample dishes made with cutting-edge novel and alternative ingredients.

#2 Tap into the latest industry knowledge

Events like Sandbox and Founders' Hub, among others, provide a deep dive into recent trends and best practices. Whether you’re interested in alternative proteins, smart farming, or a different field, there’s something for everyone. This is your opportunity to meet, discuss, and learn from startups and Big Food companies that are driving the transformation of our food system.

#3 Network with the best in the industry

With attendees from across the globe, AFTEA 2023 offers a rare chance to connect with peers, potential collaborators, and industry experts. As well as serendipitous interactions on the show floor and during presentations, AFTEA is curating a series of special community events to bring attendees together to share knowledge and forge new ideas. Don't miss out on the rich discussions and insights.

#4 Strike partnerships and build the foundation of future collabs

Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia isn’t just about the now; it's about the future. With targeted business matching sessions, it offers a unique platform to find the right partners to scale your venture. There will be virtual and in-person opportunities to maximize your brand presence and qualify and connect with buyers and prospects.

#5 Experience a truly global event

With a focus on technology adapted to Asian needs, AFTEA provides access to global solutions and insights not found elsewhere. What’s more, the event takes place during the Singapore International Agri-Food Week (October 30th - November 2nd, 2023) which offers you opportunities to take part in the broader eco-system of events that will be happening around AFTEA. The Singapore International Agri-Food Week brings all the big names in food tech to Singapore, creating opportunities to connect with partners from across APAC and the world.

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Why AFTEA Matters

Agri-Food is not just any industry; it’s the backbone of global sustenance. Together, the agriculture and food sectors are invaluable, especially in ensuring everyone gets fed. But as vital as it is, Agri-Food has challenges. It ranks high in greenhouse gas emissions, is considered one of the least digitized industries by McKinsey, and despite its global significance, remains underfunded. There's an urgent need for innovation.

In the Asia-Pacific context, the stakes are even higher. By 2030, the region is projected to represent 60% of global consumption. With 450 million smallholder farmers producing up to 80% of the region's food, innovation isn't optional; it’s necessary. The need to bolster agri-food tech financing and development is evident. This urgency sparked AFTEA's inception, striving to empower stakeholders and amplify regional collaborations and solutions.

AFTEA 2023 is The Groundbreaking Follow-Up To AFTEA 2022

Last year's edition was nothing short of spectacular. Welcoming 6,000 attendees from 66 countries and 163 exhibitors from 24 nations, it set the stage for collaborative thinking. Over 500 business meetings, 55 sandbox sessions, and nine national pavilions made AFTEA 2022 a landmark event.

This year, the event is aiming bigger:

  • 👥 10,000 attendees from 70 countries
  • 🚀 300 exhibitors from 35 countries
  • 💸 100 international hosted buyers
  • 🤝 800 facilitated qualified business matching
  • 🌎 18 country and industry-led pavilions
infographic showing details of this years agri-food tech expo asia 2023 event
Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023 is Singapore’s premier food innovation event | Image by Constellar

Unmissable Trends At This Year’s Event

With so much on offer, you need a game plan going into the event to ensure your experience aligns with your business goals. To help you get a head start on navigating Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023, we’ve identified five significant F&B industry trends that you should explore at the event.

#1 Personalized Food Technologies: the one-size fits all, generic approach to nutrition is old news. Science now favors an approach tailored to each individual’s biology and environment. Long the secretive domain of companies’ innovation departments, personalized nutrition is starting to make itself felt in the world of F&B. AFTEA 2023 will have plenty of booths spotlighting the technology and products emerging in this futuristic but pivotal space.

#2 Algae and Fungi-Based Proteins: Millet and cultivated meat have hogged a lot of the attention in the alternative protein world in 2023. But two out-of-sight protein sources, algae, which grows below water, and fungi, whose mycelial roots develop below ground, are positioned to make an enormous impact as a protein source in the near future. Innovations utilizing this nutrient-dense, efficient-to-grow protein source will be at AFTEA 2023 in full force. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about how they are shaping the future of food.

#3 Fertilizers and Plant Protection: A healthy supply of healthy crops is essential to support the entire food system. Demand from a mushrooming population has put pressure on companies to develop mass-produced, highly efficient products to ensure maximum crop yield, even in terrible growing conditions. But these fertilizers and plant protection are expensive and energy-intensive produce. Many have been shown to be harmful to humans and animals too. That’s why innovators are working on a new generation of fertilizers, pesticides, and other plant preservatives to ensure agriculture of the future is both efficient and sustainable. This tech is critical to you, no matter what your industry, so check out the latest innovations in the space at AFTEA 2023.

#4 Alternative Packaging and Materials Strategies: F&B industry folks know that packaging is as important as the products contained within. Unfortunately, F&B packaging has traditionally been produced with economics in mind, leading to a plentiful supply of cheap packaging that is wreaking havoc on our environment and health. This is where a stack of sustainable packaging startups, scale-ups, and proactive big food companies come in. You’ll have unmatched opportunities to speak with industry leaders in this area at AFTEA 2023.

#5 Cultivated Meat: 2023 has been a year of major announcements in the cultivated meat space, such as UPSDIE FOODS and GOOD MEAT receiving the first-ever regulatory approval to sell their products in the US. At AFTEA 2023, the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture will hold the first-ever cultivated meat pavilion, giving visitors the chance to meet global innovators who are at the forefront of this emerging industry and explore their technology.

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AFTEA 2023 Roadshows Are Kicking Off

Before the main AFTEA 2023 event in Singapore this October, the organizers have curated special preview events in Jakarta and Bangkok. These cities are more than just venues; they are pivotal in shaping the future of agri-food technology in Southeast Asia.

Why Attend?

  • Exclusive Sneak Peek: Dive deep into the cutting-edge technologies and solutions that will take center stage at AFTEA 2023.
  • Expand Your Network: Engage directly with in-market experts, government officials, industry pioneers, and fellow visionaries. This is your chance to forge valuable connections that will thrust your enterprise into the future.
  • Rich Insights: Witness first-hand sharing from those at the heart of agri-food tech innovation in the region.

Why Jakarta & Bangkok? These cities were strategically chosen. They represent the bustling hubs of agri-food tech in Southeast Asia:

  • Indonesia: The agricultural sector in Indonesia is vital for the nation’s economy and will continue to play an important role in Indonesia's economic development in the future.
  • Thailand: They're at the forefront of a digital revolution, integrating big data, smart agriculture, e-commerce, and agribusiness advancements to rejuvenate their agri-food landscape.

Event Details:

Jakarta Showcase:

  • When: 2 August, 10am – 2pm Western Indonesian Time [THIS EVENT HAS ENDED]
  • Where: JS Luwansa Hotel, Rasuna Said Kuningan South Jakarta.
  • Speakers: GAPMMI Chairman Adhi S. Lukman, PISAgro Executive Director Insan Syafaat, plus key figures from the Ministry of Agriculture and BAPPENAS.

Bangkok Showcase:

  • When: 23 August, 2pm – 4pm Thailand Time [THIS EVENT HAS ENDED]
  • Where: Grand Center Point, Terminal 21.
  • Speakers: Advisor for the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Dr. Dares Kittiyopas, President of the Thai Society of Agricultural Engineering, and a representative from the Bureau of Agricultural Commodities/ Department of Agriculture Extension.

Recapping The Indonesia AFTEA Roadshow

We spoke to several of the key players involved in the Jakarta roadshow to bring you an exclusive recap of the event.

Wendy Chng Petit, the Event Director for AFTEA 2023, who spoke in Jakarta and Bangkok, said she was inspired by the passion of the industry attendees at the roadshows. During her presentations to stakeholders at the Jakarta Roadshow, Ms. Chng Petit emphasized:

“AFTEA is held to inspire stakeholders and empower them to make the right decisions, as well as help accelerate collaboration, opportunities and solutions as a region.”

The AFTEA roadshow in Jakarta was hosted PISAgro - a corporate partnership to support sustainable agriculture - and Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia in Jakarta. The event shone a spotlight on key voices from Indonesia’s Ag-Tech scene who will be attending the AFTEA 2023 event in Singapore.

During the event, some of Indonesia’s most exciting agri-food startups took to the stage and discussed how Indonesia is cultivating food security and sustainability. This included:

  • Kolvita: a supply chain tracking app that helps companies optimize for sustainability
  • eKomoditi: a palm oil plantation management software.
  • CROWDE: a financing platform for agriculture, aquaculture, and livestock projects.
  • Meatless Kingdom: a maker of mushroom and plant-based food products.

These startups and many more leading agri-food tech players from Indonesia will be in attendance at AFTEA 2023. As they emphasized at the roadshow, they are looking forward to meeting new partners and collaborators at the event in October.

In an exclusive interview with GourmetPro, Insan Syafaat, the Director of PISAgro said:

We appreciate the opportunity to speak at the AFTEA 2023 roadshow which we see as a platform to engage key stakeholders and highlight the need for more involvement from agri-tech players in Indonesia. At the main event in October, we are looking for more of the same…to meet with multi-stakeholders, especially agri-tech providers who can support our initiatives in Indonesia.”

If you’re interested in meeting the agri-food tech innovators from Indonesia and Thailand, then don’t miss your chance to register and attend Agri-Food Tech Expoa Asia 2023.

FAQ for 2023’s Most Unmissable Event: Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia

Q: When is Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023?

A: Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023 is scheduled to take place from October 31st - November 2nd, 2023. Make sure to mark your calendar and join us for this exciting event!

Q: How Do I Register for Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023?

A: Registering for Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023 is easy:

  1. Visit our official website.
  2. Navigate to the 'Registration Now' button.
  3. Fill out the registration form with the necessary details.
  4. Submit the form.
  5. Once registered, you'll receive a confirmation email with your event pass and additional details.

Q: Why Should I Attend Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023?

A: Attending Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023 provides a multitude of benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Get a 360° view of the latest innovations and advancements in the agri-food tech sector.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, startups, and visionaries shaping the future of the agri-food landscape.
  3. Hands-on Experience: Witness live demos, participate in interactive sessions, and sample the future of food products.
  4. Stay Ahead of the Curve: Equip yourself with knowledge and insights to remain relevant and competitive in your field.
  5. Knowledge Sharing: Engage in panel discussions, workshops, and keynote presentations from global experts.

AFTEA 2023 is not just an event; it's an experience that will provide a holistic understanding of the future of agri-food tech. Join us and be part of the future!

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