June 9, 2023
June 9, 2023
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The Top 7 Food Distributors in Singapore (2023)

Explore an in-depth review of Singapore's top food distributors, essential for any food and beverage executive planning a market entry. Gain insights into their specializations, customer base, and growth, aiding in your quest to find the perfect match.

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Are you a food and beverage industry executive looking to expand your product's reach? Do you aim to penetrate the vibrant market in Singapore and need a trusted partner to ensure your product lands in the right places? Finding the right food distributors in Singapore is critical.

And we've got you covered. In this article, we shed light on the top seven food distributors in Singapore, known for their credibility, diverse networks, and unparalleled service. These companies are the linchpins of the thriving food and beverage industry in this buzzing city-state, catering to a vast customer base from small eateries to grand hotels. Each distributor has been recommended by one of GourmetPro’s experts who is on the ground in Singapore, helping F&B brands unlock growth in the market.

Each of these distributors brings unique strengths to the table, ensuring your product lands where it will thrive most. Whether it's a multinational with an extensive network, a distributor specializing in a specific food category, or a company with a rich local heritage, we provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision.

So, let's dive into the bustling Singaporean F&B market, and together, let's find your ideal distributor match to make your Singapore market launch a resounding success. Remember, the perfect partner is just a few scrolls away.

The Top 5 Food Distributors in Singapore

Distributor 1: Food Empire

Food Empire, a company renowned for its strategic diversification, has been serving Singapore's F&B industry since its founding in 1992. With an annual revenue of $102 million, it has made a significant mark in the region.

The company, headquartered in Singapore, has an expansive footprint in over 60 countries. It serves a broad range of clients from small food chains to major hotels, boasting over 2,000 customers. Some of its big clients include major hotels such as Raffles Hotel.

Its growth has been meteoric over the years, with a steady expansion in its facilities. Its specialization lies in the manufacturing of instant beverages, frozen convenience food, and confectionery.

  • Website: www.foodempire.com
  • Address: 31 Harrison Rd, #08-01 Food Empire Building, Singapore 369649
  • Phone Number: +65 6622 6900
  • Number of facilities: 8
  • Number of trucks: 60

Distributor 2: SATS BRF Food

SATS BRF Food, founded in 1972, is one of Singapore's leading food distributors with an annual revenue of $184 million. It's headquartered in Singapore and services numerous countries around the world.

It prides itself on having more than 3,000 customers and operates several facilities across the region. The company has an impressive clientele list, including top-notch restaurants and international airlines.

With a strong history of growth, SATS BRF Food's specialization is in quality frozen and chilled meats, seafood, and a variety of other gourmet products.

Distributor 3: Angliss Singapore

Angliss Singapore, founded in 1946, is a key player in the food distribution industry in Singapore. With an annual revenue of $54 million, it services various countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

Headquartered in Singapore, Angliss has an impressive list of over 2,500 customers, with numerous facilities located in the region. It works with a wide range of clients from hotels to catering businesses, with Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore as one of their major clients.

Angliss Singapore has witnessed steady growth throughout its history and specializes in premium gourmet food products.

  • Website: www.angliss.com.sg
  • Address: 232 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128420
  • Phone Number: +65 6778 8787
  • Number of facilities: 1+
  • Number of trucks: 52 refrigerated trucks

Distributor 4: FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd

Established over 80 years ago, FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd is a stalwart of the food and beverage industry in Singapore. From its roots as a simple provision shop, the company has evolved into a leading wholesale food distributor providing everything from dry goods to fresh and frozen foods, and even cleaning products.

It manages each step of its supply chain meticulously, ensuring quality products are delivered right to the customer's doorstep. The company also touts four in-house brands - Bello, groXers, Xtuff, and Xin Si, each catering to a different set of food service needs. Their current annual revenue stands at $5 million.

  • Website: www.foodxervices.com
  • Address: 218 Pandan Loop, XPACE, Singapore 128408
  • Phone Number: +65 18009333333
  • Number of facilities: 3
  • Number of trucks: 45

Distributor 5: Makoto-Ya

Makoto-Ya, established in 1992, has grown from a distributor carrying only two products to a rich portfolio of over 1,000 different items across 200 brands and labels today. They have forged strong relationships with leading hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores, and e-commerce platforms.

photo of supermarket supported by food distributors in singapore
Singapore has a range of distributors - not all of them are right for your product!

They specialize in Japanese food products and are the sole distributors of many top alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage items such as sake, shochu, and liqueur. Their extensive portfolio includes over 1,000 food products, including shoyu, dashi, noodles, and seasoning items. Their annual revenue is approximately $5 million.

  • Website: www.makoto-ya.sg
  • Address: 9 Kaki Bukit Road 2, Gordon Warehouse Building, #01-05, Singapore 417842
  • Phone Number: +65 67413511
  • Number of facilities: 2
  • Number of trucks: 30

Distributor 6: Yong Wen Group

In just over two decades, Yong Wen has positioned itself as one of the leading food distributors and exporters in Singapore. They specialize in canned foodstuffs and provisions, with a wide range of brands including international brands like Kikkoman, Nestle, Unilever, and their house brands like Saporito, Yowe, Secret Lover, Saporrini, and Yokee.

They are constantly seeking new products and ideas to complement their existing range of offerings. Their products are imported from many countries and stored in their 100,000 sqft warehouse in Singapore.

  • Website: www.ywgroup.com.sg
  • Address: 9 & 11 Third Chin Bee Road Singapore 618685 / 618687
  • Phone Number: +65 62668100
  • Number of facilities: 3
  • Number of trucks: 25

Distributor 7: Nature's Superfoods

Having made its mark in the industry since its birth in 2011, Nature's Superfoods is a leading supplier of organic superfoods in Singapore. They are dedicated to offering certified organic, clean superfoods that are free from gluten, refined sugars, and artificial ingredients. The company is fully committed to bringing nutrient-rich whole superfoods to B2B customers and end-consumers alike.

Nature's Superfoods believes in building lasting good health through 100% natural, organic, and nutrient-rich whole foods. The brand name reflects the company's commitment to offering the best sources of nutrition found in nature. They offer a variety of nutrition-rich products and are always on the lookout for the highest-quality, least-processed, and most natural organic foods available. The company's annual revenue stands at approximately $2 million.

  • Website: www.organicandwholesale.com
  • Address: 12 Arumugam Road, LTC Building B #03-09, Singapore 409958
  • Phone Number: +65 68415476
  • Number of facilities: 2
  • Number of trucks: 15

Need Support Finding Food Distributors in Singapore?

Finding the right distributor for your food and beverage business in Singapore can be a complex process. However, Singapore's thriving F&B market and its position as a gateway to Asia presents an exceptional opportunity. Given the strong demand for global products, navigating through this challenge is a worthwhile venture.

GourmetPro's network of experts can help you find the perfect match among these top food distributors in Singapore. By leveraging our knowledge and connections, we can help you maximize the potential of the booming Singapore market. Whether your business is established or just starting, Singapore's diverse and dynamic F&B landscape is a promising place for growth.

Frequently Asked Questions for The Top 7 Food Distributors in Singapore

Q1. Who is the biggest food distributor in Singapore?

The food distribution industry in Singapore is competitive and diverse, with several large players. However, considering revenue and market reach, SATS BRF Food is currently one of the biggest food distributors in Singapore, offering a wide range of frozen and chilled meat and seafood products across various channels.

Q2. How do I sell food in Singapore?

Entering a new market like Singapore involves understanding local regulations, finding the right distributor, and adjusting to consumer preferences. Begin by ensuring your product meets Singapore's food safety standards. Next, establish a partnership with a reliable local food distributor who understands the market. Marketing and branding your product effectively to resonate with local consumers is crucial too. Ready to explore this thriving market? Connect with GourmetPro's network of experts to unlock untapped opportunities in Singapore:

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