June 1, 2023
June 1, 2023
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The Top 5 Wholesale Asian Food Distributors in Europe

In this comprehensive guide, we highlight the top 5 wholesale Asian food distributors in Europe. Discover which distributor aligns best with your business needs and can aid in the successful launch of your Asian food product in this booming market.

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As the Asian food market in Europe continues to grow, savvy executives are seeking reliable supply chains. This article presents seven of the most respected wholesale Asian food distributors in Europe that can help you tap into this flourishing market.

The Top 5 Wholesale Asian Food Distributors in Europe

1. Asian Food Supply A/S

A beacon of Asian food distribution in Europe, Asian Food Supply A/S, founded in 1999, has been an industry leader for over two decades. With its headquarters based in Denmark, they serve a customer base that extends across multiple European countries. With an annual revenue exceeding 15 million Euros, they have garnered a formidable portfolio, collaborating with a range of companies from start-ups to established brands.

Their specialization in high-quality, authentic Asian food products stands them apart. Notably, they worked with the global restaurant chain, Wagamama, ensuring consistent quality and supply of key Asian ingredients.

2. Surya Foods

One of the largest world food distributors in Europe, UK-based Surya Foods was founded in 1991. With an annual revenue of over £100 million, they have a strong presence in the UK and other European countries. They cater to an array of clients, from retail chains to foodservice providers and have over 2,500 customers in Europe alone.

Their strong network of facilities, including their cutting-edge, BRC certified, 150,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, is a testament to their capability. Renowned clients like Tesco underscore the level of trust they command in the industry.

3. Asian Food Group

Asian Food Group, headquartered in The Netherlands, has been a front-runner in Asian food distribution since 1995. Serving multiple European countries, their customer base and facilities have grown progressively over the years. They've garnered an impressive client portfolio, including major European supermarket chains.

A trusted name for diverse Asian food product lines, Asian Food Group was chosen by globally recognized brand, Spar, as a key supplier of Asian food products.

image of cup noodles distributed by wholesales asian food distributors in Europe
Demand for cup noodles and other Asian food products is rising across Europe

4. Asia Market

Established in 1981, Ireland-based Asia Market is a noteworthy player in the European Asian food distribution scene. They've steadily expanded their customer base and facilities over decades, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.

Asia Market's strength lies in their extensive selection of unique Asian ingredients and products. They've won the trust of notable clients such as Aldi, cementing their credibility in the industry.

5. Wanis International Foods

Founded in 1960, Wanis International Foods is one of the UK's leading world food distributors, with a significant stake in the Asian food market. Serving a multitude of European countries, they command an expansive network of facilities and customers. Their clientele ranges from small-scale local businesses to multinational retail chains.

Wanis prides itself on offering a diverse range of food products from the Asia Pacific region. They've secured partnerships with globally recognized brands, such as Asda, reinforcing their position in the market.

Grow Distribution For Your Asian Food Product In Europe

Finding the right wholesale Asian food distributor for your business in the European market is not without its challenges. It's critical to identify a distributor that aligns with your business needs, product range, and market strategy. Leverage the expertise of teams like GourmetPro's to connect with the right wholesale Asian food distributor and make the most of the opportunities in the booming European market. The landscape of Asian food in Europe is ripe with possibilities - are you ready to savor the taste of success?

Explore opportunities with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Asian Food Distirbution in Europe

Q1. Who Is The Largest Wholesale Distributor Of Asian Food In Europe?

Answer: Surya Foods is one of the largest distributors of Asian food in Europe. They have a strong presence in the UK and other European countries and generate an annual revenue of over £100 million.

Q2. Where Can I Buy Asian Food At Wholesale In Europe?

Answer: You can buy wholesale Asian food from various distributors in Europe. These include Asian Food Supply A/S, Surya Foods, Asian Food Group, Top Food, Lekker Foods, Asia Market, and Wanis International Foods. For more details, see the article above.

Q3. Who Is The Biggest Wholesale Distributor Of Asian Food In The Netherlands?

Answer: Asian Food Group, headquartered in The Netherlands, is a significant player in wholesale Asian food distribution. They serve multiple European countries and have a wide-ranging portfolio of clients, including major supermarket chains.

Q4. How Can I Connect With Wholesale Asian Food Distributors In Europe?

Locating the right food distributor requires a methodical and well-researched strategy. The simplest and most cost-effective solution is to collaborate with a seasoned local expert who understands the intricacies of the market. This is where GourmetPro can step in as your strategic partner. With their extensive network of talent who have a robust presence in Europe, they can provide comprehensive support as you amplify your distribution of Asian food products.

Alternatively, you could invest your internal resources into the following steps:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the European food and beverage landscape, especially the distribution network.
  • Identify potential distributors using resources like trade organizations, online directories, trade shows, referrals, online marketplaces, and government departments.
  • Conduct thorough research into each distributor's background, market experience, and capabilities.
  • Prepare a detailed overview of your product and have clear distribution objectives for the European market.
  • Consider potential challenges and devise solutions, while setting clear expectations for your distribution relationship.

This article provides a thorough exploration of these steps, so we recommend you read it thoroughly for a comprehensive understanding. But remember, GourmetPro can guide you every step of the way. Their mission is to simplify your entry into the thriving European market. Partner with GourmetPro today and experience a seamless journey as you escalate your business to new heights.

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