June 9, 2023
June 9, 2023
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The Top 5 Food Distributors in Thailand (2023)

Dive into the details of the top 5 food and beverage distributors in Thailand, their specializations, and their potential role in your product launch. Get insights into their growth stories, client base, and more to help fuel your market entry strategy.

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The Thai market is often overlooked by the food and beverage industry but this is a mistake. Worth almost $70 billion annually, Thailand is a very open market and as the most visited country in the world, you can find a market for almost any F&B product. To unlock these opportunities, however, it’s essential for you to find the right food distributors in Thailand.

We spoke to GourmetPro’s team of experts in Thailand who have an average of 15 years of experience supporting international brands to succeed there. They shared their recommendations for distributors who can go above and beyond in supporting your product in the local market. Learn how these powerhouses could become your trusted allies in launching your product successfully in Thailand's vibrant market.

The Top 5 Food Distributors in Thailand

Siam Makro Public Company Limited

Siam Makro, a leading wholesale food distributor in Thailand, started its journey in 1988. It boasts a whopping annual revenue of 13 billion USD, serving countries across Southeast Asia with over 100,000 customers through its expansive facilities. Companies of all sizes, from independent restaurateurs to large multinational chains, are included in its roster of clients.

Key clients include the likes of 7-Eleven, a testament to Siam Makro's operational capabilities. Headquartered in Bangkok, the company has experienced steady growth, majorly focusing on customer satisfaction and variety. Their specialization lies in their ability to handle a wide variety of food products, from fresh produce to frozen goods.

picture of 7-11 in thailand - the right food distributor in thailand can give you access to this channel
Thailand has over 20,000 convenience stores making them one of the most lucrative channels for F&B products

Siam Makro is a subsidiary of Thailand's largest food conglomerate CP Food Group. Working with this distributor can give you access to the parent company’s extensive network and open doorways to big opportunities in Thailand.

  • Website: www.siammakro.co.th
  • Address: 1468 Phatthanakan Rd, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250, Thailand
  • Phone Number: +66 2 831 8000
  • Number of facilities: 130
  • Number of trucks: 350

Betagro Group

Established in 1967, Betagro Group is a heavyweight in the food industry, specializing in animal and agricultural products. The group services Thailand primarily, with an impressive customer count in the tens of thousands. They generate an annual revenue of 2.6 billion USD, achieved through the successful operation of numerous facilities across Thailand.

Well-known companies like CP Group are among their clientele, reflecting Betagro's reliability and reach. With its headquarters in Lopburi Province, the distributor's growth has been driven by its commitment to safety, quality, and innovation in the agricultural industry.

  • Website: www.betagro.com
  • Address: 323 Tiwanon Rd, Tambon Bang Kadi, Amphoe Mueang Pathum Thani, Chang Wat Pathum Thani 12000, Thailand
  • Phone Number: +66 2 529 8000
  • Number of facilities: 90
  • Number of trucks: 500

Central Food Retail Company Limited

The Central Food Retail Company, founded in 1996, is a key player in the retail and distribution industry with an annual revenue of almost 6 million USD. Providing services across Thailand, they cater to a diverse client base that includes local businesses and international food suppliers.

Their clientele includes global brands like Waitrose, affirming their ability to handle the demands of both local and international businesses. Headquartered in Bangkok, the company has evolved by adapting to market trends and prioritizing customer convenience. Central Food's specialty lies in its strong retail network, making it an optimal choice for brands looking to reach Thai consumers directly.

  • Website: www.tops.co.th
  • Address: 55 Rama 9 Soi 2, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
  • Phone Number: +66 2 079 6000
  • Number of facilities: 250
  • Number of trucks: 400

Berli Jucker Public Company Limited

Berli Jucker, or BJC, founded in 1882, is a multi-faceted conglomerate with a significant share in food distribution, registering an annual revenue of 4 billion USD. With a customer base that spans across Southeast Asia, they have numerous facilities to handle large-scale operations.

BJC's client list features big names like Unilever, underscoring their capacity to meet the demands of multinational corporations. Headquartered in Bangkok, BJC's growth and success are driven by their diverse product portfolio and a focus on meeting the evolving needs of consumers. BJC's strength lies in its vast network and ability to manage a wide array of products, from consumer goods to specialty items.

  • Website: www.bjc.co.th
  • Address: 99 Soi Rubia, Sukhumvit 42 Rd, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • Phone Number: +66 2 367 1000
  • Number of facilities: 200
  • Number of trucks: 800

Thai President Foods Public Company Limited

Famous for its brand 'Mama,' Thai President Foods, established in 1972, specializes in manufacturing and distributing instant noodles. With an annual revenue of 300 million USD, the company caters to a broad customer base across Asia and Europe.

Their client list includes large supermarket chains such as Tesco. Thai President Foods' headquarters are based in Bangkok, and they've seen substantial growth by continuously innovating their product line while upholding high-quality standards.

  • Website: www.mama.co.th
  • Address: 313 CP Tower, Silom Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
  • Phone Number: +66 2 635 0600
  • Number of facilities: 4
  • Number of trucks: 200

Need Support Connecting With Food Distributors in Thailand?

Finding the right food distributor in Thailand to partner with is a crucial step for any business planning to penetrate this dynamic F&B market. Yet, it can also be quite challenging due to the market's complexities and nuances. This is where GourmetPro's expert network comes into play. We can help you navigate this landscape, match you with the right distributors, and ensure that you reap the benefits of this booming market. Reach out to GourmetPro today, and let's take your business to new heights in Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions for The Top 5 Food Distributors in Thailand

Q1. Do I need a license to sell food in Thailand?

Yes, selling food in Thailand requires a license. This is regulated by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The specific requirements and documentation depend on the type of food product. You would generally need to meet specific food safety and packaging standards.

Q2. Who is the largest food distributor in Thailand?

Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) is among the largest food distributors in Thailand. They have a significant share in food distribution and a diverse product portfolio. For more details, check out the article above.

Q3. How do I export food to Thailand?

Exporting food to Thailand involves understanding local food regulations, obtaining necessary certifications, and finding a reliable distributor. The Thai FDA oversees the import of food products, and each product type has different regulations. To simplify this complex process, consider working with GourmetPro. We can assist you in navigating these requirements and establishing a successful presence in the Thai market:

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