September 1, 2023
September 1, 2023
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41 Examples Of Food And Beverage Innovation To Watch In 2024

Explore 41 groundbreaking food and beverage innovations set to reshape the F&B industry in 2024. Dive deep into trends, get inspired, and unlock unparalleled growth in new and existing markets. Stay ahead with GourmetPro insights! 🍽️🚀

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For those in the heart of the food and beverage innovation world, the pace of change can feel dizzying. Staying ahead isn't just about fresh recipes but revolutionizing how we approach the entire industry. It's a challenge, especially when every day brings a new trend or technology. And for F&B executives, missing out on the next big thing isn't an option. The weight of constantly needing to innovate, while managing an ocean of emerging trends, can be overwhelming.

But here's the silver lining: we’ve curated a list of game-changing trends in food and beverage to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. This list has been created with input from our network of over 150 industry experts who have pinpointed enduring trends that will shape the future of food as opposed to mere fads that fizzle out.

Dive in and you'll spot the latest in food packing, some zesty ingredients popping up where you'd least expect, and the power of making food 'just for you'. Notice how fast-food joints are reinventing the dine-in experience? Or how some brands are specifically catering to the tastes of younger folks and our respected seniors?

So, why should this matter to you? Well, apart from the fact that we all love a good meal, this treasure trove of innovations is packed with bright ideas you might just want to sprinkle into your own venture. Let’s get inspired!

What Are The Trends Shaping Innovation In The Food and Beverage Industry?

People's eating habits are evolving based on their changing lifestyles. We've highlighted 15 key trends shaping today's food and beverage innovation. Read all about them here or see the output for yourselves with 41 fresh examples inspired by these trends below.

1. Remedy Drinks

Kombucha is taking over the world, bringing smiles to people’s lips and guts. Remedy Drinks is an Australian startups whose popular brand of kombucha helped spark the global boom for the fermented beverage. In addition to Kombucha, Remedy have also launched a range of other health drinks such as nutrishots. The Kombucha craze is expected to only ramp up over the next decade, exceeding USD4 billion in value by 2030.

2. Viome

Say the words food and beverage innovation and gut-health is sure to jumpt to mind. A series of breakthrough discoveries about the pivotal role the gut plays in our overall health has created a burgeoning market digestive health market. Viome is a startups offering kits for home use that examine the microorganisms in fecal samples and give dietary suggestions, alongside supplements and probiotics. The company aims to make self-diagnostics affordable and accessible to the mass market.

3. Rem3dy (Nourished)

Merging tech with nutrition, Rem3dy’s Nourished brand has revolutionized supplement intake with their patented 3D printing technology. Going beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, they craft personalized gummy vitamins tailored to individual needs. Here's how it works: After users complete a questionnaire, Nourished's science-backed algorithm selects the ideal blend of seven vitamins, superfoods, and nutrients that align with the user's unique lifestyle and objectives. The result? A convenient, tasty, and customized daily dose of supplements, delivering optimal nutrition with minimal waste and cost. Their product is one of the first in the world to achieve delivery of true precision nutrition at scale.

image of food and beverage innovation: nourished gummy being 3d printed
Nourished uses innovative 3D printing technology to produce vitamin gummies tailored to a customer’s individual health needs | Image by PR Times (2023)

4. New Culture

Located at the intersection of sustainability and gastronomy, New Culture is reinventing cheese without the cow. Traditional cheese production is carbon-intensive, but with the rising demand for eco-friendly dairy alternatives, New Culture's method stands out. Using fermentation to produce casein proteins, they craft cheeses that hit all the right notes: tasty, healthy, ethical, and 100% animal-free. Their innovative approach caters to a growing market of consumers eager for dairy delights without the environmental footprint

5. Steakholder Foods

Steakholder Foods is at the forefront of meat innovation, using cutting-edge technology to rethink how we produce and consume meat. Challenging the status quo of industrialized animal farming, they're dedicated to slashing carbon footprints, conserving water and land, and eliminating the need for animal slaughter. Their game-changer? A unique, in-house bioprinter that meticulously layers differentiated stem cells, scaffolding, and nutrients to craft structured cultured meat. With visions of modular factory setups, Steakholder Foods is on track to revolutionize the market, delivering sustainable beef, chicken, and pork products – from raw materials to whole cuts – that taste like the real deal without the environmental baggage.

photo of food and beverage innovation by steakholder foods - a 3d printer of meat
Steakholder foods is developing the tech to print cultivated meat | Photos by Steakholder Foods (2023)

6. JUST Egg

2023 has been a tough year for the poultry industry. Waves of avian-flu have taken eggs off just about every menu in the world at this point. A sustainable, reliable source of the staple ingredient has never been needed more. Enter JUST Egg.

Pioneering a new age of breakfast essentials, Just Egg is reimagining the classic egg through a plant-based lens. Ditching the traditional poultry coop, their products are crafted purely from plants and animal cells, ensuring no livestock harm. But it's not just about ethics; their eggs are a nutritional powerhouse too. With zero cholesterol and minimal saturated fat, they're serving up a sustainable protein punch that lets consumers savor the taste and texture of eggs, without any health hitches.

7. UPSIDE Foods

Breaking boundaries in the culinary world, UPSIDE Foods stands out as a trailblazer in the cultivated meat sector. Their standout product? Chicken grown directly from authentic animal cells, skipping the traditional farm altogether. And it's not just about the innovation; it's about recognition. Making its debut at the prestigious Michelin-starred Bar Crenn in San Francisco, UPSIDE Foods' cultivated chicken marked a monumental moment in US food history – the first-ever consumer sale of its kind. With this leap, UPSIDE Foods is shaping the future of sustainable dining, one dish at a time.

8. Plenty

Plenty is redefining modern farming with its indoor vertical farming operation. Committed to clean and healthy produce, they've sidestepped GMOs and pesticides. Their unique approach, integrating engineering, software, and crop science, ensures that crops are cultivated using minimal water. The result? A consistent supply of nutritious food for consumers throughout the year.

9. Poppi

Poppi offers a fresh take on soda beverages by emphasizing gut health without compromising on flavor. Their unique blend infuses real fruit, apple cider vinegar, and prebiotics into a lightly carbonated drink. As a result, consumers can enjoy a beverage that's not only low in calories and sugar but also packed with genuine fruit tastes and health benefits. The brand is spearheading a segment of functional drinks that’s expected to grow at CAGR 14.5% over the next 10 years.

10. Angie’s Tempeh

Angie's Tempeh champions a new approach to creating protein-rich foods using innovative tempeh fermentation technology. With a focus on plant-based protein, their precise fermentation process ensures the tempeh has a characteristic firm texture and is enveloped in thick, white mycelium, giving it a distinct mushroom-like aroma. Angie’s delicious tempeh has set the standard for this product in Singapore where it is recognized as best-in-class. The healthy, natural protein source is going to play an increasingly major part in our diets as the world looks for more sustainable protein sources to traditional animal protein.

11. Liquid Death

Liquid Death is reimagining the bottled water market with its refreshing canned mountain water. Available in both still and sparkling forms, their water is naturally enriched with electrolytes and minerals. More than just a beverage, Liquid Death's aluminum packaging champions environmental sustainability by promoting recycling and reducing plastic bottle use. What sets them apart further is their bold and edgy branding, designed to resonate with the younger audience. Their memorable slogan, "murder your thirst," encapsulates their brand ethos. Anticipating evolving consumer preferences, they also have plans to introduce flavored sparkling waters and iced teas.

12. Meati

Meati offers an innovative approach to plant-based foods with its fungi-based steaks. Unlike many meat alternatives, Meati's products undergo minimal processing and leverage the unique characteristics of fungi. Fungi-based meat stands out because it can mimic the texture and taste of traditional meat without relying on common allergens or extensive artificial ingredients. By harnessing a fermentation process, Meati ensures that its products remain as natural as possible, thus offering consumers a truly unique and sustainable vegan option. The use of fungi represents a groundbreaking shift in the plant-based food landscape, as it provides a sustainable, nutritious, and authentic alternative to conventional meats.

13. Mouth

Operating in the niche of artisanal food products, Mouth's online platform mirrors a business model reminiscent of Etsy but for indie food creators. By providing a digital marketplace for handmade, organic, gluten-free, and other specialty foods, including wines and spirits, Mouth sources its offerings from small-batch artisan makers. This approach is innovative because it decentralizes the food market, much like Etsy did for crafts, by giving individual makers a platform to showcase their unique products and grow their businesses. For consumers, this means access to distinctive, high-quality foods and beverages that stand out as unique gifts for various occasions.

14. Jellatech

Jellatech is pioneering a transformative approach in protein production, much like how 3D printing reinvented traditional manufacturing. By harnessing cellular agriculture, they produce animal-free collagen and gelatin, eliminating the need for animal-derived sources. Their method involves cultivating cells in a bioreactor, a technological leap that promises safer and sustainable outputs. Targeting a range of sectors from food and beverage to medical and personal care, Jellatech offers an eco-friendly and ethical alternative that meets the rising demand for cruelty-free products in various industries.

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15. Remedy Organics

Positioned at the crossroads of health and innovation, Remedy Organics crafts plant-based functional beverages that go beyond the conventional. Committed to purity and potency, their drinks are a blend of USDA-certified organic, vegan, and allergen-free ingredients, incorporating a mix of botanical herbs and superfoods that offer both hydration and targeted nutritional benefits. With backing from industry giant PepsiCo and boasting a growing market share, the New Jersey-based brand is recognized not just for its nutrition-rich offerings, but also for its sleek packaging and astutely curated product range. Drawing on popular ingredients like cocoa, MCT oil, and dates, Remedy Organics is indeed setting the pace for the future of the beverage industry.

16. Oobli

Navigating the intersection of health and taste, Oobli offers foods enhanced by unique plant-derived sweet proteins. This innovative approach promises flavors that are not only delectably rich but also mindful of health. With their sweeteners being low in calories and devoid of the usual concerns surrounding blood sugar, insulin, and weight, Oobli provides consumers with a guilt-free way to indulge. It's more than just sweetness; it's a smarter choice for daily consumption, empowering users to embrace better alternatives without compromising on flavor.

17. Misfits Market

Championing a sustainable approach to grocery shopping, Misfits Market is an innovative subscription service that offers organic, locally sourced produce directly to consumers. By partnering closely with farmers, the company tackles the pervasive issue of food waste, giving new life to unique and often overlooked fruits and vegetables. Misfits Market goes beyond conventional shopping, delivering not just quality produce but also a commitment to reducing waste and supporting local agriculture, ensuring customers enjoy fresh products while making a positive impact on the environment.

18. Sneak Energy

Navigating the bustling world of energy drinks, Sneak Energy stands out by offering sugar-free, low-calorie beverages designed to provide a consistent and long-lasting energy surge. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, their products come in both powdered and canned formats to suit various preferences. Notably, their venture into producing energy-infused ice-pops showcases their commitment to innovation, offering customers a refreshingly new way to recharge and remain sharp throughout the day.

19. Juicy Marbles

Pioneering the frontier of plant-based culinary innovation, Slovenia's Juicy Marbles introduces the world's first plant-based ribs featuring edible bones. Not only do these vegetarian ribs satiate the palate, but their unique bone composition - crafted entirely from plant proteins - transforms into protein-rich puffed snacks, comparable to beef jerky, when baked, fried, or air-fried. This inventive approach reimagines the conventional dining experience, allowing consumers to savor every part of their meal while championing sustainability and health.

20. Umami Bioworks

Emerging as a vanguard in the cultivated seafood industry, Singapore-based Umami Bioworks is redefining the boundaries of sustainable seafood production. Previously introduced to the world as "Umami Meats", the company has showcased a myriad of cell-cultured seafood products, ranging from fish balls and cakes to premium grouper filets. Their innovative techniques and commitment to eco-friendly solutions position them as leaders in the realm of cellular agriculture. Recently, in a pioneering collaboration with Canada's Cult Food Science, they ventured into the pet food arena, unveiling Marina Cat, a cultivated pet food brand. With a blend of expertise in both seafood and biotechnology, Umami Bioworks stands as a testament to the future possibilities of the food sector.

21. Novozymes

Hailing from Denmark, Novozymes stands as the global frontrunner in industrial enzyme production. Over the years, the firm has seamlessly diversified into the realm of micro-organisms, catering predominantly to agricultural sectors. They cater to a vast spectrum of industries, including household care, food and beverages, bioenergy, agriculture, feed, technical, and pharmaceutical sectors. At the core of their operations lies a commitment to environmental sustainability: their biological innovations prioritize efficiency and heightened yields for clients, all while conserving energy and minimizing waste. This dedication makes Novozymes a beacon in the world of bio-solutions.

22. Wakaze

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Takuma Inagawa, Wakaze is revolutionizing the Japanese sake industry. Unlike traditional breweries that release a new brand perhaps once a year, Wakaze employs a Lean Startup methodology, enabling them to innovate and develop new brands on a weekly basis from their dual locations in Yamagata and Tokyo. Inspired by the craft beer trend, Wakaze's ambition extends beyond Japan; they aim to cater to the rising European demand for sake by offering locally-produced, high-quality, and affordable products. This local production strategy, especially in Europe, addresses a key market challenge: the high cost of imported sake. By brewing locally and leveraging direct distribution, Wakaze envisions making sake as commonplace and affordable as wine in European bistros.


Positioned as a pioneering Wine as a Service (WaaS) platform, DRINKS empowers e-commerce entities to inaugurate their ship-to-home wine services seamlessly. Esteemed partners include notable names like Wine Insiders and the Martha Stewart Wine Co. Their expansive network enables reach to a staggering 96% of US adults. Not just a delivery facilitator, DRINKS also integrates AI-driven algorithms to curate personalized wine recommendations, enhancing the shopping experience for each individual customer.

24. Miso Robotics

U.S.-based Miso Robotics is at the forefront of food robotics, bringing efficiency and consistency to food production through their AI-driven robotic kitchen assistant, Flippy. The significance of robotics in the food sector is its ability to ensure uniform results, leading to consistent quality and nurturing customer trust. Miso Robotics' Flippy not only supports an extensive range of fried products via its auto-bin system but also elevates food quality by adhering strictly to chef's guidelines. The innovation doesn't stop there; Flippy can be installed seamlessly overnight without requiring any major alterations or new equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to restaurant operations. Additionally, the startup's CookRight vision system transforms traditional grills and fryers into advanced, intelligent systems. The essence of Miso Robotics lies in optimizing food assembly lines, enhancing throughput rates, and reducing the need for human intervention.

25. Kitchen Robotics

Israeli enterprise Kitchen Robotics is pioneering the future of ghost kitchens with its innovative robotic solutions. Their primary robot, beastro, stands out due to its versatility in preparing a wide array of dishes, all programmable. Complementing this is Cuismo, an AI-driven cloud operating system that facilitates seamless ghost kitchen functions. Beyond just cooking automation, Cuismo handles various aspects of kitchen management, from strategizing delivery-takeaway to monitoring dish analytics, overseeing the supply chain, and even managing employees. Through these advancements, Kitchen Robotics enhances the efficiency and productivity of ghost kitchens, signaling a shift in how the food industry operates.

26. Notpla

Notpla is at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions, offering an array of products designed to minimize environmental impact. Their range spans from plastic-free takeaway containers to flexible films, paper items, and even edible films. Distinguished by their natural origins, Notpla's products boast biodegradability without the need for specific facilities. This innovation empowers customers to combat plastic pollution and significantly decrease the carbon footprint associated with traditional packaging.

27. Drone Ag

Drone Ag is reshaping the agricultural landscape with its advanced drone automation technology, aiming to bolster farm productivity. Catering to both agronomy firms and individual farmers, the company offers integrated solutions that encompass drone systems, specialized software, and comprehensive training. What sets Drone Ag apart is its ability to gather intricate leaf-level crop data. This data, when interpreted, instructs both ground machinery and drone sprayers, ensuring they target precise field areas at optimal times. As a result, farmers can evaluate and nourish their crops with increased efficiency, streamlining their agricultural practices.

28. Elo Life Sciences

Elo Life Sciences is reshaping the future of sustainable and healthy food through precision gene editing. By integrating advanced breeding technologies, genomics, data analytics, machine learning, and agronomic know-how, the company is pioneering natural alternatives to sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Central to their innovative sweetening solutions is the monk fruit. Through their advancements, Elo Life Sciences is making it possible for consumers to enjoy their favorite foods in a healthier way, without compromising on taste.

29. Aromyx

Aromyx has pioneered a biotechnological platform that translates sensory experiences into quantitative data. This groundbreaking approach allows users to digitally measure, store, and even modify tastes and scents. Whether on-site or in-field, Aromyx provides tools that can both capture and compare sensory data. As a result, businesses across sectors, from consumer goods to agriculture and chemicals, can digitally assess and tailor taste or scent attributes, catering precisely to specific needs or preferences. This innovation bridges the gap between subjective sensory experiences and objective data analysis.

30. AI Palette

Navigating the rapidly shifting landscape of consumer tastes in the food and beverage sector can be challenging, especially when product development cycles traditionally take up to two years. With external influences like social media trends, global events, and unpredictable socio-economic factors constantly altering preferences, the industry needs a more nimble approach to innovation. AI Palette addresses this gap by providing tools that drastically expedite the product development journey, especially during the ideation phase. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, companies can swiftly spot market opportunities, conceive product ideas, and filter these concepts to spotlight the most promising ones, all within a few interactions. This not only trims the duration from idea conception to prototype but also ensures businesses remain agile, adapting seamlessly to the ever-evolving demands of consumers.

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31. Diageo Seedlip

Seedlip stands at the forefront of a drinking revolution, challenging global perceptions with its premium non-alcoholic spirits infused with nature-inspired botanical distillates. Recognized as the pioneering force in the non-alcoholic spirits domain, Seedlip's beverages offer a sophisticated flavor profile that doesn't compromise on quality or experience, even without the alcohol content. This innovative approach to beverages did not go unnoticed, with beverage titan Diageo acquiring Seedlip in 2019.

32. Swiggy

As one of India's premier on-demand delivery platforms, Swiggy has been revolutionizing the logistics landscape through its innovative tech-driven solutions. Serving 500 cities nationwide, it partners with numerous restaurants and boasts an impressive workforce of over 5,000 employees, complemented by a fleet of more than 200,000 independent delivery executives. Swiggy is not just about delivering food swiftly; it's about offering consistent convenience and reliability, all powered by advanced machine learning technologies and a daily influx of vast amounts of data. Having begun its journey in 2014 as a hyperlocal food delivery endeavor, Swiggy has metamorphosed into a logistics powerhouse, ensuring not only prompt deliveries for its vast customer base but also a rewarding work environment for its dedicated team.

33. Winnow

Winnow is on a mission to combat food waste in commercial kitchens by offering tailored technological solutions. Catering to a diverse range of establishments, from cozy eateries to expansive cruise ships and casinos, their innovative tools grant chefs enhanced visibility into their kitchen operations. By doing so, Winnow not only assists chefs in making informed decisions that curb food waste but also aids in cost reduction. Their commitment extends beyond just providing technology; they're fostering a community of chefs dedicated to sustainable kitchen practices.

34. Vosges

Chicago-based Vosges Haut-Chocolat, established in 1998 by Katrina Markoff, has revolutionized the luxury chocolate industry with its bold and unconventional flavor pairings. By infusing high-quality chocolate with eclectic ingredients like Mexican chilis, bacon, and black sesame seeds, Vosges offers a unique sensory experience previously uncharted in the chocolate world. Particularly innovative was their Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar, which became a trendsetter in the gourmet chocolate scene. This daring approach to chocolatiering has not only set Vosges apart but also positioned it as a leader in culinary creativity within the confectionery industry.

35. Heura Foods

Based in Europe, Heura Foods is revolutionizing the plant-based meat market. In 2022, their turnover skyrocketed to €31.4 million, marking their dominance especially in Spain where they drove 80% of the plant-based meat category growth. Distinctive for its efficiency and product appeal, especially among flexitarians, Heura's rapid European expansion, and innovative approach make it a standout player in the burgeoning plant-based industry.

36. Eclipse Foods

Eclipse Foods has crafted a niche for itself in the market by producing plant-based substitutes that replicate the taste and texture of traditional animal dairy products. Using their innovative plant-processing technology, they've managed to recreate the genuine dairy flavor and functionality, allowing consumers to enjoy healthier food options without sacrificing the authentic taste they love. This breakthrough approach offers a compelling alternative in the ever-growing plant-based food sector. What’s more the company was co-founded by the food and beverage innovation superstar who helped start GOOD Meat’s cell cultivated meat program.

37. NISSIN Foods

Since Japanese food giant NISSIN invented the cup ramen in 1971, food and beverage innovation has been their mantra. Most recently, the company has created plant-based unagi, worked on creating cultivated steak, and even ventured into making noodle sodas. This is one company you should keep both eyes firmly fixed on for inspiration on how to drive future food innovation.

38. John Deere

John Deere, once primarily known for its tractors, has successfully integrated AI and machine learning into its operations. A standout innovation is their LettuceBot, which uses machine learning to discern lettuce from weeds, decreasing herbicide use by 90%. Despite being an established company with a history dating back to 1836, John Deere's ability to adapt and embrace cutting-edge technology showcases its commitment to pioneering the future of agriculture.

39. Walmart

Retail behemoth Walmart is diving deep into technological advancements. A significant achievement is its venture into the metaverse with experiences on Roblox. Innovatively, Walmart is seamlessly merging physical retail with digital realms, from drone deliveries to leveraging the metaverse, showcasing its vision for the future of commerce.

40. AB InBev

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), known for brewing brands like Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois, has integrated artificial intelligence throughout its global operations. A major achievement for the company is its 'Smart Barley' platform, which harnesses AI to assist farmers in enhancing crop yields, conserving water, and promoting sustainability. Innovatively, AB InBev is transcending traditional brewing by leveraging AI in diverse areas from customer interaction with chatbots to optimizing supply chains, portraying a comprehensive digital transformation of a centuries-old brewer.

41. Kellogg Co.

Kellogg's , a renowned cereal producer, may be old, but food and beverage innovation is at the heart of what they do. The company has unveiled a groundbreaking product called "Instabowls." With this innovation, consumers can add cold water to instantly create real milk, catering to the demand for convenience and portability. This addresses the growing trend of on-the-go consumption, making iconic cereals like Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops accessible anytime, anywhere, without the need for separate milk. It's not just about convenience; it's a reimagining of the traditional cereal experience.

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FAQ for 41 Examples of Food Innovation

What is innovation in food and beverage?

Innovation in food and beverage involves the introduction of new products, methods, or ideas to improve or diversify culinary experiences. It encompasses advancements in flavors, preparation techniques, packaging, and delivery systems to meet evolving consumer demands and industry trends.

What is an example of a food innovation?

A food innovation example could be the development of plant-based meats which not only mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat but also address environmental and ethical concerns. This introduces new dietary choices and caters to emerging consumer preferences.

Why is innovation important in F&B?

Innovation in F&B is vital because it responds to changing consumer tastes, technological advancements, and global challenges. It drives growth, ensures sustainability, and maintains a competitive edge in the market. Through innovation, the F&B industry can offer better products and meet evolving consumer needs.

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