Why Us?

GourmetPro is a company based in Japan dedicated to help the food and beverage industry grow internationally. Our experts combine more than 20 years of immersion and achievements in the Business Innovation field and the Food & Beverage market all around the globe.

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GourmetPro Experts VS

Hiring employees

Compared to the lengthy hiring process, GourmetPro will match you with a pre-screened expert who has extensive on-the-ground experience within only 1-4 weeks.

Although hiring a full-time employee might appear to cost less, it actually involves many hidden costs, such as recruiting fees, insurance coverage, bonuses, profit sharing, etc. But with our network, you only pay for the expert’s billable hours. No hidden fees!

Consulting agencies

GourmetPro is a wide-ranging network. Our skilled experts bring forth deliberate and executable strategies that meet all of your needs.

You will also have full control over the scope of the project including time, cost, and people, which do not apply to services from consulting agencies. Get the freedom to set your own budget, scale the number of consultants, and adjust the project’s duration at GourmetPro!

What makes our experts "Pro"?

Extensive experience

GourmetPro experts are assessed and filtered through a robust screening process. All of them are former specialists, managers, or business owners with extensive topic-specialized knowledge and +15 years of in-the-field experience.

Well-rounded capabilities

An excellent consultant is someone who does much more than just master the technical knowledge and skills. GourmetPro’s consultants are also bilingual, sharp, passionate, and professional.


Our in-house resources and extensive network are a second brain for each of our consultants. We provide all the advanced toolkits to ensure that their work is always cutting-edge and efficient.

Your team dynamics

Differentiating approach

GourmetPro experts have extensive experience in different companies and markets. They can fill in the knowledge gap, analyze what is best for your vision, and put forward the most effective solution based on your requirements.

Smooth communication

Our veteran experts foster smooth communication with stakeholders and deliver your approach in a professional and comprehensible way. Our experts are always available to clear up your queries and provide timely support.

Reliability & Flexibility

Our talented team can adapt our focus to meet the objectives and stages of your project. With a great pool of experts in various F&B fields, we can easily match you with a new consultant or adjust the number of experts supporting your project. We certainly wish for a long-term collaboration with our clients, however, you can cancel the project anytime.

Your bottom-line financials

Budget line

Why suffer the headache and take on the risk of hiring a full-time employee when you can easily hire our experts? No need for lengthy approval from HR, just put your teams budget and time to better use with an expert you can count on.

Cost-effective solution

We map out the entire project and anticipated budget covering both estimated billable hours and expected fixed costs. Rest assured that you will receive the most optimized proposal and fitting experts that align with your budget.

Additional savings

With GourmetPro, you don't have to deal with perks, vacations, unemployment, termination cost, paperwork, recruitment, etc. There’s also no need to worry about additional support for your experts - all the assistance is on us!