Our Solution

We work hands-in-hands with our experts to carry out the most effective and suitable solutions to your problems.


Company Needs

Connections with partners, retailers, or marketing outlets
Import feasibility check
Business development and product localization
Participation in open innovation

Our Solutions

Get connected with potential importers, distributors, retailers, or OEMs through our network
Engage with industry experts and get reports on market data, rival landscape, and consumer voices
Get all of your sales materials prepared in Japanese and tailored to local business standards
Get on a call with a GourmetPro consultant and get connected with other like-minded partners

GourmetPro has been outstanding to work with. Communication, timing and finding the right expertise is key for entering a new market. GourmetPro has answered all three and continues to support Native's growth in Japan.

Guy Hobson

Co-Founder, CEO
Native Hard Sparkling

Established brands

Company Needs

Retail and e-commerce expansion
Improvements in brand awareness and marketing
New market intelligence
Product reformulation

Our Solutions

Map out the bottlenecks in the current business strategy and get guidance on potential directions
Activate new brand-building campaign to boost awareness among Japanese consumers
Engage with industry experts and get reports on market data, rival landscape, and consumer voices
Get advice and localized solutions on product formulation

If you want to work with someone who can assist with the market entry for beverages in Japan, look no further than GourmetPro. They have experience and know how to penetrate the market

Kraisan Chaengchenkit

International Business Development Manager
Siam Winery

Institutions/ Organizations

Company Needs

Information sessions for clients
Supports in improving sales and promotions for clients

Our Solutions

Offer the flexibility of service combinations:
        Webinars/ Trade shows/ 1-on-1 consultants
Provide access to a diverse and knowledgeable consultant network to fill in the expertise gaps

The team at GourmetPro is very professional and always proactive during the management and delivery of a project, which is really appreciable. Their agency model gives us a lot of flexibility since there is no two identical campaigns with the same scope of work. Also good to hear that they are now expanding in new countries.

Philippe Demizieux

International Client Director
Bastion Amplify