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Kathryn Elizabeth Read Consulting

Export consulting for consumer goods (mostly Food & Beverage); Training, coaching & mentoring for export sales professionals. Speaking at International Business Events

Owner ・ City 2019-Present

  • Helping SMEs expand successfully to Europe and Asia.
  • consulting for export and international expansion
  • Executive mentoring for international sales and development
  • training for sales executives transitioning to export from domestic
  • international speaker on topics such as entering China, selling in South Korea, ecommerce in South East Asia - contact me for more details

HiPP Austria GmbH

Head of Sales II ・ Asia 2001-2019

  • Overall responsibility for Asia & emerging markets as well as Best practice projects
  • built HiPP presence in the Chinese domestic market from 0 to forecast €300 million 2018 (end consumer prices)
  • founded HiPP Shanghai and built up the team there
  • intensive support for the Asian markets
  • best practice projects (eg. set up basic category management for distributors, sales guidelines for area managers and distribution partners, optimisation clinical sales force)

Head of Sales ・ (Central /Eastern Europe and Asia) 2007-2011

  • Overall responsibility for sales and profitability in CEE, SEE, GUS and Asia, incl. Near East
  • management of the planning department and customer services team
  • negotiation annual contracts for SEE & CEE for major Key Accounts
  • founded HiPP Turkiye

Coordinator Area Sales Management・ (Central /Eastern Europe and Asia) 2001-2006

  • Responsible for sales & marketing in markets across Central & Eastern Europe, North Africa, Near-East and Asia over time.