Our Network

GourmetPro experts are of the highest quality and most experienced in their field. All of them have passed a rigorous screening process where they are evaluated on their communication skills, subject matter expertise, passion and dedication, and integrity.

The GourmetPro Screening Process

Language, Communication, and Attitude

GourmetPro is an international network. Our experts who have worked with customers from all over the world are bilingual with a business English level. You can be confident that communication will be smooth and efficient so that the job is done as defined. We also assess personality traits, prioritizing candidates who are highly motivated and passionate.

Live Screening

We carefully evaluate each expert's specializations. At this stage, their problem-solving ability, critical thinking skills, and creativity are tested. We are very selective here; only “gourmet” experts with a senior level of experience or higher get through.

Case study

To further assess how our experts perform on the ground, we test them with a real-world case study where candidates must demonstrate their collective experience, practiced dexterity, and professionalism. We will only welcome those who can provide feasible and effective solutions to the network.

Continued Excellence

The assessment does not end even after they join the network. We constantly gauge and fine-tune the performance and integrity of the expert through our client’s feedback, their project’s performance, and the ongoing activity within the team. This way, we can ensure high-quality results for our clients.

The Quality of Experts


To be able to meet the client’s needs and goals, we have built a diverse network with professionals from different fields in the food and beverage industry. They cover all the expertise and can provide top-tier services for any issue that you face.


From market entry specialists to senior country managers in established companies and organizations, each of our experts is a unique individual with diverse experience in numerous countries, different career levels, and great personalities. Rest assured that we will find you the one with the most suitable mixture of experience.

Best F&B Network in Asia

We are a one-stop shop for food and beverage market entry to and from Japan. Our network is home to exceptional people from diverse backgrounds: advisors, brand ambassadors, influencers, importers, exporters, marketers, analysts, market-entry strategists, and more. Each expert has an average of 15 years of experience on the ground in Asia, and most have held key positions in some of the world’s leading organizations. Whatever your needs, GourmetPro has an expert that will get things done for you.


Adam Hall

Market Entry

A New Zealand national fluent in Japanese, Adam has worked for over 15 years in Japan in the F&B industry.
He created a category for New Zealand wine in the largest national alcohol retailer from zero, grew Japan EBIT 222% in 12 months, and achieved so much more.

Previously at: Weber Stephen, Alcool


Marc Matsumoto

Product Development

Marc Matsumoto is an F&B consultant and culinary creator based in Tokyo, Japan. Raised in the US, he spent over a decade working as a brand and consumer marketing executive in the technology industry at companies such as Nokia and Netflix.

Previously at: Nissin, Hakutsuru, Netflix


Donald Roxburgh

Market Entry

Donald is an importer and F&B consultant whose expertise lies in the organic health space. He is highly acquainted with the Japanese market and the do's and don'ts of marketing foreign products to a Japanese audience.

Previously at: Cisco Capital


Olivier Stauff

Distribution - China
Market Entry

A French national fluent in Chinese and English, Olivier has worked for over 15 years in China both in the consulting field and in the food industry. He has been closely working with a large panel of importers and retailers. A seasoned interviewer, Olivier can turn market information into actionable insights.

Previously at: InterChina Consulting


Keiji Fukushima

Business Development

Keiji is a specialist in food ingredients and flavors who helps foreign clients fill in any gaps in their understanding of Japanese food regulations. He has been in charge of Japanese F&B customers in Japan, as well as in North and South-East Asia.

Previously at: Pelliconi, Symrise, Mane


Hugo Delforge

Business Advisor

Hugo managed and developed various independent restaurants and coffee-bakery brands over the world. He has restaurant management experience in various countries including France, Ireland, and Chile, and has had six restaurants in China and around 15 bakeries across Asia.

Previously at: Groupe Le Duff