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GourmetPro experts are high-quality industry veterans and innovators. All of them have passed a rigorous screening process where they are evaluated on their communication skills, subject matter expertise, passion and dedication, and integrity.

The GourmetPro Screening Process

Language, Communication, and Attitude

GourmetPro is an international network. Our experts who have worked with customers from all over the world are bilingual with a business English level. You can be confident that communication will be smooth and efficient so that the job is done as defined. We also assess personality traits, selecting only candidates who are highly motivated and passionate.

Live Screening

We carefully evaluate each expert's specializations. At this stage, their problem-solving ability, critical thinking skills, and creativity are tested. We are very selective here; only “gourmet” experts with a senior level of experience or higher get through.

Case study

To further assess how our experts perform on the ground, we test them with a real-world case study where candidates must demonstrate their collective experience, practiced dexterity, and professionalism. We will only welcome those who can provide feasible and effective solutions to the network.

Continued Excellence

The assessment does not end even after they join the network. We constantly gauge and fine-tune the performance and integrity of the expert through our client’s feedback, their project’s performance, and the ongoing activity within the team. This way, we can ensure high-quality results for our clients.

The Quality of Experts


To be able to meet the client’s needs and goals, we have built a diverse network of professionals from different fields in the food and beverage industry. They cover all the expertise and can provide top-tier services for any issue that you face.


From market entry specialists to senior country managers in established companies and organizations, each of our experts is a unique individual with diverse experience in numerous countries, different career levels, and great personalities. Rest assured that we will find you the one with the most suitable mixture of experience.

Best F&B Network in Asia

We are a one-stop shop for global food and beverage market entry. Our network is home to exceptional people from diverse backgrounds: advisors, brand ambassadors, influencers, importers, exporters, marketers, analysts, market-entry strategists, and more. Each expert has an average of 15 years of experience on the ground in Asia, and most have held key positions in some of the world’s leading organizations. Whatever your needs, GourmetPro has an expert that will get things done for you.


Raphaelle O'Connor

Food Tech
Product Development

Raphaelle is highly experienced in the ideation, development and commercialization of food chemistry, food science and food technology.

Previously at: Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé
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Cho Youn Lee

Account Management

Cho Youn devised a sourcing strategy and consolidation plan for over 200 suppliers in health, personal care, and beauty.

Previously at: Walgreens Boots Alliance
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Jurgen De Meester

Product Development

Jurgen is an Industrial Engineer in food, food nutritionist and technologist and culinary chef with 20 years of experience of which 10 years as R&D flavorist.

Previously at: Flandor Flavours International
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Noriko Misawa

Product/Business Development

Noriko is a results-driven professional with extensive experience in business incubation, product development, consumer insights, and international market development.

Previously at: Kagome Ltd., Kagome USA
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Craig Griffin

Market and Consumer Research

Craig has spent 25 years in the research industry working for some of the world's leading agencies. Craig has worked in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Previously at: GfK, Kantar, ESOMAR
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Phaedra Ruffalo

Product Innovation

A food futurist building concepts to scale, Phaedra is an executive leader in global food innovation marketing with 20+ years of experience in the food service and retail.

Previously at: Trader Joe's
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Marc Matsumoto

Market Research

Marc Matsumoto is an F&B consultant and culinary creator based in Tokyo, Japan. He spent over a decade working as a brand and consumer marketing executive.

Previously at: Nissin, Hakutsuru, Netflix
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Kevin Rodriguez


Kevin has proven experience in creating and implementing detailed-oriented Food Safety and Sustainability programs within cross-functional projects.

Previously at: Marley Spoon, DSM
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Jay Mota

Business and Product Development

Jay has a deep understanding of food science and nutrition and a passion for developing new product. He also has knowledge of the legal and regulatory regime relating to FMCG.

Previously at: Urban Platter, Plant Power
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Tassa Agustriana


With 14+ years in operations management and technical function, Tassa focuses on sourcing specialty ingredients and advising in the stage gate process of product development.

Previously at: PT. Bening Big Tree Farms
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Jan Vidal Riera

Business Development

An analytical and creative problem solver, Jan involved in different expansion, marketing and innovation roles within the foodtech industry.

Previously at: Idilia Foods, Agrolimen
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Felipe Cabrera

Market Research
Supply Chain

Felipe has worked in China for 10 years and in Colombia for 8 years. He founded a consulting firm that provides services to a wide range of topics related to the Coffee and F&B industry.

Previously at: Hongjin Trade, Technochina
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Jong Tak Park

Country Manager
Business Developement

Jong Tak has been an experienced businessman for over 28 years. He successfully established a profession in the field of sales management.

Previously at: Nestle
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& 100+ more

The GourmetPro network has more than 100 F&B experts based in more than 20 countries around the world, ready to help you unlock new business potential.