Rebranding project results in 1,800% growth in social media reach

Client Background

A boutique coffee brand

The client is an independent boutique coffee brand with multiple locations across Hong Kong. The company started in 2016 and has been looking at further expansion within and outside of Hong Kong.


Brand refresh before market expansion

The client wanted to refresh their branding as part of their expansion plans, which included opening more outlets in Hong Kong as well as entering Mainland China. The coffee chain wanted a new brand strategy and marketing play to support this expansion.


Denise Kwok

To help with the brand refresh, they reached out to Denise Kwok.

Denise is a brand architect passionate about working with purpose-driven businesses to  drive positive impact in the world. Her expertise includes brand building, go-to-market strategy, and venture development. With over 18 years of global experience working with MNCs and startups, Denise now offers her expertise to innovation-driven consumer brands to help them grow and thrive. 

Denise is a marketing expert and thus is able to take on the entire spectrum of requirements – branding/brand positioning and marketing strategy, which includes channel and social & influencer marketing. 


Denise led the coffee chain’s rebranding project, putting in place the overall strategy and planning the execution. There were two main aspects to her role in the project: 

  1. Rebranding 
  2. Marketing


Denise led the project and worked on aspects like what the new identity for the brand would be, where the company wants to move forward, what works and doesn’t work for the current brand identity, and how to take this to the next level. She helped identify the right partners to work with and negotiated the collaborations with them. She led the discussions with the partners on behalf of the coffee chain to nail down what the new identity would look like. She also mapped out the timelines to ensure that the milestones of the project were met on time. 

When undertaking a rebranding project, it’s important to take into consideration the different touchpoints for the brand. In the case of this client, the touchpoints included aspects of dine in and takeaway packaging, inventory status, and cost management, all of which were overseen by Denise. Based on the different considerations and working within the resources of the project, Denise also worked on the strategy to launch the new brand campaign focusing solely on the brand’s owned channels first including social, website, loyalty club, and retail outlets. 


Denise also worked with the client’s in-house marketing team, functioning as a fractional CMO. In this capacity, her focus was on training the team, creating the brand’s marketing strategy as well as proposing the right activations to promote the new branding. 


Project completion in just 3 months

The entire rebranding project – from agency selection to initial launch – took about three months with positive results:

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