Meeting urgent distribution needs for Domino's Pizza in Japan

Client Background

Domino's Pizza

The client was Domino’s Pizza Japan.


Urgent need for new distribution centers

Domino’s in Japan had an urgent need. The client had identified certain difficulties with two of their distribution centers in the country. Distribution centers handle delivery of all the ingredients and other items related to making pizzas to the outlets on a daily basis. While Domino’s had other distribution centers, these two in particular were not performing at the levels required of them. So, Domino’s wanted to find two new distribution centers to replace these two existing units.


Samuel Corre

To help find the replacement distribution centers, Domino’s reached out to GourmetPro, who put them in touch with expert Samuel Corre.

As a supply chain expert, Samuel has worked for over 18 years doing a diverse range of supply chain activities for global companies. He has experience in sustainability, change management, process excellence, S&OP, SAP (from Japan to all over the world), and import from Europe to Japan.

Through his experience in Japan and Europe, Samuel has successfully led multiple teams on building inventory management systems and 3PL from scratch, developing the import and demand planning to improve the financial results from operations point of view, and strengthen customer service. Being experienced in multicultural teams and having a deep understanding of the specificities of team management, Samuel also supports companies in terms of implementing new processes, business channels, ERPs, and setting up performance reports.


Meeting tight deadlines

While this was technically a straightforward project, the challenging aspect was the tight deadline. Domino’s wanted to find replacement distribution centers in less than four months. In Japan, any project related to supply chain in general and logistics in particular takes time as people in the industry tend not to rush and pay greater attention to details. 

Despite the short timeline, Samuel conducted a study of the current operations and presented a shortlist of candidates as the replacement distribution centers.


Quick completion

Samuel was able to complete this project in 3.5 months, something under normal circumstances would have taken nine months to a year.

Most businesses face a common dilemma: we recognize an opportunity for improvement but we lack the time and resources to execute a solution. I found GourmetPro to be the right fit in terms of agility and cost that finally allowed me to get the important jobs done. GourmetPro provided me with an expert who had the exact skill I was missing to solve our operational challenges in the Japanese market. In addition to local talents, they also acted as a bridge between global markets and offered invaluable local insights. Thanks to their support, our company is now seeing the potential of the operational capacity we can reach.

John Harney
Group Chief Partnerships Officer, Dominos Pizza Enterprises

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